Friday, June 26, 2009

Baby Gymnastic's Gone WWF

Ok..... Let me just start by saying, kiddie gymnastics - hilari-freakin-lous. Last night I took V to her gymnastics class. She has been going for over a year now and she love, love, loves it!
So to the best part of yesterday's baby girl has what I might consider her first boyfriend, a lil 3-1/2 year old (yes, she likes older men, just like her mommie) tyke named Sebastian. And yesterday Sebastian expressed his love by pushing V down during playtime and V returned the love with a tiny open handed slap right on his noggin. Yep, that's my girl! We were quick to help dry up the tears, while was struggling keeping the laughter on the inside. Baby WWF in the house - or miniture gymnasium, so to speak!

One thing for sure - maybe Sebastian should do a couple more push-ups if he's gonna date by lil girl!

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