Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweeners!

I know, it's been a while, but I'm a busy girl. BF and I are doing okay...ish, but I'm thinking the honeymoon might be over, plus I've had the munchkin more then not (after the fiasco with the ex). I am getting that over extended feeling and the butterflies are starting to flutter less. GAH. Isn't dating suppose to be fun.

Maybe I'm just exhausted - physically and mentally. I could use a vacation that involves sand, blue water and fruity drinks with crushed ice. AND SLEEP. I miss sleep. If you happen to see my bed send it back my way!

But on a super happy note it's halloween and there are some good times ahead. I'm thinking the BF is going to a party that I may be less then interested in going I might make it a girls weekend. Can't go wrong with the ladies! We'll tear up this town like the 20 year old (fine give or take a year) rock starts we are!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Woo weeee cork the champagne

And I'm only 2 twitter views away from 100. Check me out! :)

Ex=Ex Husand for a Reason

Alright soooo the labor day weekend fiasco. First of all, V's father (aka my ex) fell through on the baby sitting...he suddenly had an emergency work trip - first of all on a weekend and second of all on LABOR day weekend! He's an accountant! My sources (aka mutual friends being the wifes of a that is married to the ex) tell me that he found out about my romantic weekend with my new boyfriend and wasn't too keen on it. REALLY??? Can I stop to mention the ink has been dry for a full year, not to add the years of hell before once he found out about the yet to be born mini me (she's lucky she has my qualities and none of his) in the oven. You don't want to even get me started on that, but to give you a hint - he freaked out and found himself side hobby and by hobby I mean our ugly faked boobed neighbor.

Sooo back to labor day weekend and off of physco-needs-to-get-a-life-of-his-own-ex we decided to take munchkin with us, which is still a little sooner then I would've prefered for a family style vacation, but he was surprisingly okay with that...when faced with the option of all or nothing. So goodbye romance and laying around naked covered in Off. Hello mosquito bites, screaming toddler and a giant hole in the ground. All contributing to the grand finale of the weekend. Drum roll pleaaaase...

EMERGENCY ROOM! (forgive the modified sock, it makes the aircast much more comfy with flip flops - the only shoe I can wear with it). So 6 hours in emergency later with crying toddler in hand and only regrets that I only joked and never invested in the child lesh, we went home. Vacation cut short due to a severe sprain. Awesome.

BF has been helping some, but after that weekend I think we needed a vacation from eachother. Me time to recoup from physically and mentally (which is what I've been doing). Infact I feel much better as of now and my ankle's almost like new...ish. I think BF and I might slow it down a bit though, still got the goosebumps whenever I see him, just don't want to rush because I can definitely see what that ends up getting me! :)

As for the picture request...I realized we don't have a lot or any actually - unless they're ones I'm unwilling to post because we both look drunk and ugly! So did manage to snap this one on the dock without his knowledge...only problem is that iPhone sucks without direct light (but it does show off his hot body...woot woot!) I will do better. I promise!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Long time no talk

And it may be a little longer. There's been the good, the bad and the ugly (aka the ex). So for now it's to be continued...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nooooo summer, don't leave me!

I feel like this might have been the quickest summer to date. Between the new BF, the family and V, I've been booked solid! And trust me, I love love love this new lifestyle change! (And let me also say what great timing to try and start up a blog...a lot of things to write about, but no time to write it. GAH!).

So I'm thinking after this weekend with (my still gorgeous, still mostly perfect) Mr Right that I'll be sloooowing down to fall speed. So with my baby spending the weekend with her dad (don't even get me started on him....ugh), I'm packing my suitcase. So bug spray - check, bathing suit - check, marshmellows - check, wine - check, my sexy sexxy boyfriend - check ;) and my giddy self - check.

And yep, I am guessing after this weekend I might love camping...infact, I think I'm starting to love it already.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time, I am sososo sorry I took you for granted

I am thinking as being relatively new to this blogging world I should me better about keeping up with this, but man oh man, spare time is now a long lost luxury....Baby, BF, and now exercise (which, I want to mention I've actually gained weight ARGH! - I guess I shouldn't bribe myself to work out by thinking about how many more french fries I can eat later).

BF is doing great. I didn't think he could get hotter, but he does. Maybe it's the hot weather and his shirtlessness, but me likey, me likey a lot!

And we have big camping plans for labor day weekend, did I mention nature is not on the top of my favorites list? Well with that said, we are going camping (please refer to my mosquito blog if you need to be reminded of their attraction to me!). But I figure with my hot shirtless BF and V at her grandmas, I might just grow to love camping and all it has to offer. We shall see? :)

As for now - if anyone has the blueprints for a timemachine, so I can slow it down, please pass it my way!

Monday, August 3, 2009

If anyone sees my bed, tell it I miss it!

What a weekend! Drinks, dining, dancing, movies and cuddling (I loves me that one the best). But now I'm starting to's tough to have a BF in your 30's. What happened to that young, spunky girl that use to see 2 AM, without even wincing. I'm starting to crack more too. Anyone notice that? I got a message from my bed the other day. It misses me!

So that said, he brought up this thing he goes - what's it called....oh yeah, exercise. Maybe I shouldn't had pretended like I actually enjoy running. or biking. or anything that will make me sweat. But here I am now, digging out my sports bra and Nike Airs for our running date this week. Muscles ARE a good thing. It's about time I re-introduce my body to those things.(There is mention of joining a dodgeball team also, but due to elementary school scarring, I will most likely be passing).

Hello 2 miles. I hate you already!