Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nooooo summer, don't leave me!

I feel like this might have been the quickest summer to date. Between the new BF, the family and V, I've been booked solid! And trust me, I love love love this new lifestyle change! (And let me also say what great timing to try and start up a blog...a lot of things to write about, but no time to write it. GAH!).

So I'm thinking after this weekend with (my still gorgeous, still mostly perfect) Mr Right that I'll be sloooowing down to fall speed. So with my baby spending the weekend with her dad (don't even get me started on him....ugh), I'm packing my suitcase. So bug spray - check, bathing suit - check, marshmellows - check, wine - check, my sexy sexxy boyfriend - check ;) and my giddy self - check.

And yep, I am guessing after this weekend I might love camping...infact, I think I'm starting to love it already.


  1. I am still awaiting the pics of sexy sexxxy BF... how can I live vicariously thru your dating if I have no visual?? It has been a very short summer here also, except for different reasons, I suppose, no BF, no sex, no nuthin!! ahhhhh maybe next summer.............. (have a great time camping (is that what they call it now??))

  2. Gia, if there is no boyfriend...three words: Friends With Benefits.

    Have a good time camping!! And yeah, a pic would be nice...preferably nekkid. :0

  3. This summer did seem to fly by.

    hope you have a lovely weekend!