Thursday, August 13, 2009

Time, I am sososo sorry I took you for granted

I am thinking as being relatively new to this blogging world I should me better about keeping up with this, but man oh man, spare time is now a long lost luxury....Baby, BF, and now exercise (which, I want to mention I've actually gained weight ARGH! - I guess I shouldn't bribe myself to work out by thinking about how many more french fries I can eat later).

BF is doing great. I didn't think he could get hotter, but he does. Maybe it's the hot weather and his shirtlessness, but me likey, me likey a lot!

And we have big camping plans for labor day weekend, did I mention nature is not on the top of my favorites list? Well with that said, we are going camping (please refer to my mosquito blog if you need to be reminded of their attraction to me!). But I figure with my hot shirtless BF and V at her grandmas, I might just grow to love camping and all it has to offer. We shall see? :)

As for now - if anyone has the blueprints for a timemachine, so I can slow it down, please pass it my way!


  1. Enjoy the ride momma! And get Avons Skin So Soft. It works on mosquitos and you dont smell like you took a deet shower. Have fun!

  2. I bought some this weekend. Works great, and soon I will put it to the test in the deep woods.. :)