Monday, July 27, 2009

My Internal (and External) Struggle: I Heart Grannypanties.

So, I spent to entire weekend with my amazing BF (still as hot to me as day one and it just keeps getting better!). I have to say you don’t realize how un-hot your panties are until you start dating again. We’re still not moving too fast in the whole ‘see my in them’ way anyway, but it still doesn’t change that I am torn between those nice old comfy cotton briefs and the hot lacey ones that somehow manage to wedge up my butt within minutes up putting them on, but make you feel or so sexy until you try to pick the wedgie that is…so with that said thongs are just my idea of personal abuse. I also found out that Victorias Secret is that she likes to charge A LOT of buckaroonies for the most itty bitty piece of fabric known to man! UGH!

If only it wasn’t frowned upon in my 30’s to be like Veronica, who has it made. Dora, well lets just say there is nothing cooler then a pair of Dora undies to a 3 year old.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am the queen of spades!

Just a shorty to left you all know how I kicked butt at cards last weekend against(well actually dice, but the title wouldn't work so well) ..should I say it? MY NEW BOYFRIEND. I guess I can let is slide that he stinks at it:) I am the undefeatable Queen, so he had no hope! He claims he let me win....GAH! Liar.

(me beating him, good poker face - right!)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's a dancin machiiiiiiine...(this is the only MJ reference)

Wowza, I’ve been busy. Between hottie potattie and the munchkin, I’ve been spinning in circles…and floating on a cloud….

Ok, so let me just start out by saying that there were no police involved what so ever! LOL. Soooo Saturday, this beautiful specimen of a man picked me up – with flowers , getting there 10 minutes early and looking like he should have a burst of light following him to extenuate his hotness – ooof. Second plus is that he didn’t seem to mind that I was running about 20 minutes behind…(I don’t think the I’ve explained my habitual tardiness, no matter what the plan is). It takes times to pretty myself up ya know!

(Actual Flowers :))

Conversations started on what we’ve been up to, the kids, the ex’s (yack)….AND martini no. one goes down ohhh so smoothly….someone we were onto my love of the running man and his skills when it comes to breakdancing…AND martini no.’s two and three really hits the spot (have I cursed those martini's yet, because I mean to)….so there we are – me showing off my too famous robot, and my date, well let's just say cabbage patch.

Anywho, the crazy night ended with a very buzzed, very long, very lovely kiss. I was a good girl and he was a gentleman (and I had almost given up hope!). I am still grinning, can't stop. There will be more to come…if I am not too busy drooling over what is beautiful man perfection, and trying to catch that little 3 year maniac – aka mini me!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks Were Exploding, and Not Just in the Sky!

Okay, so I may have had the most fabulous 4th into an old BF..that I use to think was gonna be the love of my a friends party (btw I ended up going to my friends party with the yummy below ground pool, V and I were like prunes by then end of the day), back to Robbie the ex-BF, at the time that he was my stud our dating maturity was around the same time span where my 2 priorities were bombfire parties and the material girl, because DUH, she did rule the world :)...LOL, RIGHT!

Well we got to talking and it looks like there is some major catching up to do... *wink wink* *nudge nudge*. He too is divorced with 2 little ones, 5 and 9. And looky lil ole me, single mom with lil V, what a lovely coincidence I must say! And there is no denying it, there is a spark somewhere here. Definitely a good sign. Did I mention how H-O-T he is. OOOohhhh, mmmmyyyyy.

Ohhhhh, and did I mention we're going on a date this weekend - which happens to be V's daddy's weekend, couldn't work out any better. (and a side note to self, stop grinning - people around me are gonna think I'm nutty).

Is it too late to start ring shopping? JUST KIDDING! :P

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Awww, Screw the Strawberries. It's Picnic Time

So the closer we get to the 4th the more excited I get about the grilled foods. As many hotdogs, cheeseburgers and mayonaise based salads I can stomach. I consider this time of the year to be much much worse then and winter holiday for my flabby to muscle ratio.

So, V and I have quite a few invites we're looking at and choosing the party must be done carefully. Who has the pool? V loves swimming (well floating in a dragon shaped tube, but same difference) and so does her momma (floating in a fat shaped device, called her body). And where are the coolest fireworks, from a distance (V will grow to love them I'm sure, last year - not her favorite).

And on another note has anyone ever made cheeseburger pie? I found a recipie and am on the fence. It looks like it could be dangerously delicious! (I know V's gonna gobble it up!)