Monday, July 6, 2009

Fireworks Were Exploding, and Not Just in the Sky!

Okay, so I may have had the most fabulous 4th into an old BF..that I use to think was gonna be the love of my a friends party (btw I ended up going to my friends party with the yummy below ground pool, V and I were like prunes by then end of the day), back to Robbie the ex-BF, at the time that he was my stud our dating maturity was around the same time span where my 2 priorities were bombfire parties and the material girl, because DUH, she did rule the world :)...LOL, RIGHT!

Well we got to talking and it looks like there is some major catching up to do... *wink wink* *nudge nudge*. He too is divorced with 2 little ones, 5 and 9. And looky lil ole me, single mom with lil V, what a lovely coincidence I must say! And there is no denying it, there is a spark somewhere here. Definitely a good sign. Did I mention how H-O-T he is. OOOohhhh, mmmmyyyyy.

Ohhhhh, and did I mention we're going on a date this weekend - which happens to be V's daddy's weekend, couldn't work out any better. (and a side note to self, stop grinning - people around me are gonna think I'm nutty).

Is it too late to start ring shopping? JUST KIDDING! :P


  1. Welcome to blogging! And I am wishing you a fairy tale date *wink* Not too many H O T singles left!! Blog soon about the date, we are waiting with baited breath! :}

  2. Thank you Gia! I will be sure to share. I am already starting my at home What to Wear fashion show, however Veronica isn't much help!

  3. That's so exciting!

    I hope the date goes very, very well :)

    Can't wait to hear more.

  4. WooWoo . You go girl !! Cant wait to hear how the date goes. *LOVE IS IN THE AIR *

  5. Okay weekends over.. how was the date??????
    Come on all us single ladies are waiting to live a moment in your shoes with mr Hottie!!