Wednesday, July 15, 2009

She's a dancin machiiiiiiine...(this is the only MJ reference)

Wowza, I’ve been busy. Between hottie potattie and the munchkin, I’ve been spinning in circles…and floating on a cloud….

Ok, so let me just start out by saying that there were no police involved what so ever! LOL. Soooo Saturday, this beautiful specimen of a man picked me up – with flowers , getting there 10 minutes early and looking like he should have a burst of light following him to extenuate his hotness – ooof. Second plus is that he didn’t seem to mind that I was running about 20 minutes behind…(I don’t think the I’ve explained my habitual tardiness, no matter what the plan is). It takes times to pretty myself up ya know!

(Actual Flowers :))

Conversations started on what we’ve been up to, the kids, the ex’s (yack)….AND martini no. one goes down ohhh so smoothly….someone we were onto my love of the running man and his skills when it comes to breakdancing…AND martini no.’s two and three really hits the spot (have I cursed those martini's yet, because I mean to)….so there we are – me showing off my too famous robot, and my date, well let's just say cabbage patch.

Anywho, the crazy night ended with a very buzzed, very long, very lovely kiss. I was a good girl and he was a gentleman (and I had almost given up hope!). I am still grinning, can't stop. There will be more to come…if I am not too busy drooling over what is beautiful man perfection, and trying to catch that little 3 year maniac – aka mini me!

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