Monday, July 27, 2009

My Internal (and External) Struggle: I Heart Grannypanties.

So, I spent to entire weekend with my amazing BF (still as hot to me as day one and it just keeps getting better!). I have to say you don’t realize how un-hot your panties are until you start dating again. We’re still not moving too fast in the whole ‘see my in them’ way anyway, but it still doesn’t change that I am torn between those nice old comfy cotton briefs and the hot lacey ones that somehow manage to wedge up my butt within minutes up putting them on, but make you feel or so sexy until you try to pick the wedgie that is…so with that said thongs are just my idea of personal abuse. I also found out that Victorias Secret is that she likes to charge A LOT of buckaroonies for the most itty bitty piece of fabric known to man! UGH!

If only it wasn’t frowned upon in my 30’s to be like Veronica, who has it made. Dora, well lets just say there is nothing cooler then a pair of Dora undies to a 3 year old.

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