Monday, August 3, 2009

If anyone sees my bed, tell it I miss it!

What a weekend! Drinks, dining, dancing, movies and cuddling (I loves me that one the best). But now I'm starting to's tough to have a BF in your 30's. What happened to that young, spunky girl that use to see 2 AM, without even wincing. I'm starting to crack more too. Anyone notice that? I got a message from my bed the other day. It misses me!

So that said, he brought up this thing he goes - what's it called....oh yeah, exercise. Maybe I shouldn't had pretended like I actually enjoy running. or biking. or anything that will make me sweat. But here I am now, digging out my sports bra and Nike Airs for our running date this week. Muscles ARE a good thing. It's about time I re-introduce my body to those things.(There is mention of joining a dodgeball team also, but due to elementary school scarring, I will most likely be passing).

Hello 2 miles. I hate you already!


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  1. Ahh but just think of the cuddles and the 2 miles seem almost worth it!! Still living vicariously through your blog!! Ahh a bf.....