Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ex=Ex Husand for a Reason

Alright soooo the labor day weekend fiasco. First of all, V's father (aka my ex) fell through on the baby sitting...he suddenly had an emergency work trip - first of all on a weekend and second of all on LABOR day weekend! He's an accountant! My sources (aka mutual friends being the wifes of a that is married to the ex) tell me that he found out about my romantic weekend with my new boyfriend and wasn't too keen on it. REALLY??? Can I stop to mention the ink has been dry for a full year, not to add the years of hell before once he found out about the yet to be born mini me (she's lucky she has my qualities and none of his) in the oven. You don't want to even get me started on that, but to give you a hint - he freaked out and found himself side hobby and by hobby I mean our ugly faked boobed neighbor.

Sooo back to labor day weekend and off of physco-needs-to-get-a-life-of-his-own-ex we decided to take munchkin with us, which is still a little sooner then I would've prefered for a family style vacation, but he was surprisingly okay with that...when faced with the option of all or nothing. So goodbye romance and laying around naked covered in Off. Hello mosquito bites, screaming toddler and a giant hole in the ground. All contributing to the grand finale of the weekend. Drum roll pleaaaase...

EMERGENCY ROOM! (forgive the modified sock, it makes the aircast much more comfy with flip flops - the only shoe I can wear with it). So 6 hours in emergency later with crying toddler in hand and only regrets that I only joked and never invested in the child lesh, we went home. Vacation cut short due to a severe sprain. Awesome.

BF has been helping some, but after that weekend I think we needed a vacation from eachother. Me time to recoup from physically and mentally (which is what I've been doing). Infact I feel much better as of now and my ankle's almost like new...ish. I think BF and I might slow it down a bit though, still got the goosebumps whenever I see him, just don't want to rush because I can definitely see what that ends up getting me! :)

As for the picture request...I realized we don't have a lot or any actually - unless they're ones I'm unwilling to post because we both look drunk and ugly! So did manage to snap this one on the dock without his knowledge...only problem is that iPhone sucks without direct light (but it does show off his hot body...woot woot!) I will do better. I promise!


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear your plans fell through and especially the strain. I hope you're recovering well, and hope that another chance for a getaway comes soon.

  2. Well at least the boyfriend took it in stride... that's the sign of a keeper! Oh and speaking of the bf - rawr! Cute!

    And I'm assuming that I'm so way late on reading that your ankle is all better? Hey... better late than never ;)